Our Team

We are a small team with a lot of heart. We love what we do, and we do it with passion.

Katelynn Prause

| Co-Owner | Founder | Health Coach | Personal Trainer | Fitness Instructor |

Hi-yah; Welcome to Empower! I am one of the founders/owners of this fitness studio. My passion for fitness began with my own health journey. At the age of 18, I was the ‘skinny fat’ girl, ya know the one who looked to be in shape but in reality couldn’t walk up stairs without being out of breath! In addition I had no energy, struggled with ADHD, Anxiety, and extremely low self-confidence/self-worth. Thankfully, God brought a dear friend into my life who introduced me to a community through Herbalife (Not at all unlike the community we strive to embody here at Empower) and that friend went on to be my first coach and mentor. From there it has been an incredible journey of regaining my energy, discovering my confidence, learning what true health looks like for me, and unlocking the potential that lay inside of me just waiting to be developed. Ultimately; it changed my entire life! My deepest hope is to come alongside you, wherever you are on your health journey and help you discover the same power inside yourself. It’s a crazy hard beautiful journey but definitely one worth taking. As all great journey’s it begins with a single step. I hope you will take that step with us and that you find not only the health you seek but also true life change. – In health and fitness, Katelynn

Hilary Morse

| Co-Owner | Founder | Health Coach | Fitness Instructor

Hello World! I am your typical coach potato turned fitness instructor. It’s not a transformation that I hear of very often, but has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. By sharing (mainly) Cardio Drumming I have connected with a wonderful community, developed accountability and motivation to be a healthier individual. Regularly working out has made it so much easier to make the decisions that support a healthy lifestyle. The positive community has also gifted me the opportunity to develop more relationships that inspire and encourage rather than feeling sales-based. Why do I continue to be a fitness instructor? I don’t want to be the person that sets the example for how to live a healthy life. I just want to be the person standing beside you helping you find your way and being present with you during the set backs. My number one rule is that your not supposed to do it right your just supposed to move.

Nicki Scott

| Health Coach | Fitness Instructor |

gv Hi everyone! A little background on myself, my fitness journey started after I finished my first year of my graduate program. For the first time in weeks I decided to hit the scale and boy was I in for a surprise, 40lbs! I GAINED 40Lbs in one year! I am a petite 5’3” girl who was stagnant in movement and surviving on Cheez-It’s and peanut butter. I decided something had to change. 

My first step was cutting out the overindulging. But this early in my journey I thought it didn’t matter what I put in my body only that my calories were low enough so I kept making risky trades. Next step was exercise.  I decided to try running, let’s just say this girl is not a runner… 

I lost momentum, I wasn’t reaching any of my personal goals. I felt worthless for failing myself and I let my mental health reach a place that was lacking in quality. Then my friend Katie tells me about this Cardio Drumming Class (rolling eyes) for what must have been the 3rd or 4th time and I decided to show up.

At this point I woke up! I was fed up with self-pity and I realized it was time for a shift in thinking.  I discovered, Hey! I have an unhealthy relationship with food and I started to work on that. I found a nutrition plan that worked for me. I started out just participating and I loved the energy and the vibes, plus the workout was really fun and didn’t feel like work.

I decided to become a leader at Empower because I have so much fun doing it and love working with others while on my own journey. I encourage others to share their story because we each come from a unique place but are all striving to be a better version of ourselves. And when our insecurities come out we can all work together to beat them up with a really good song!

Rachel Eyre

| Fitness Instructor |

I grew up dancing and have always had a great passion for the outdoors!! I lived in Salt Lake City Utah for 12 years. Salt Lake is where I took my first High Fitness class and absolutely fell in love with the fun energetic format! I now specialize in High Fitness, Phunk Fit, and Barre. These classes bring so much joy to my life! I recently moved back to Northern Michigan, and I am extremely excited to share my love of fitness with our community! My very favorite part of being a fitness instructor is helping others become more confident, through movement, in their health journey “whatever that journey may be!” Healthy is an outfit that looks different on everybody. Let’s find your favorite, most comfortable outfit together! I am grateful to join the Empower Team!

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