Stick. Stack. Stuck! Making Fitness a Habit for Life!

What does it take to start and actually stick to a fitness plan? It may seem hard to believe for those that know me now but once upon a time … fitness was a struggle for me! Like paid for a gym membership for over 2.5 years without setting foot in the gym more thanContinue reading “Stick. Stack. Stuck! Making Fitness a Habit for Life!”

Rediscover You: Healthy. Happy. Empowered!

If I asked you to picture yourself .. Truly Healthy and Happy .. Could you? I don’t mean healthy as defined by society, your friends, or family. I don’t mean healthy like a younger version of yourself. I mean healthy as the unique person that you are in the life you have Right Now. EatingContinue reading “Rediscover You: Healthy. Happy. Empowered!”