Meet Your Best You!

At Empower we want to be a catalyst for change. We hope to Inspire, Encourage, and Empower you to Love Yourself, Your Body, and Your Life. To Break free from the black and white, one size fits all ideals of nutrition and fitness that saturate society today, and explore instead Deep Health. 

Deep Health recognizes that we are complex beings with full lives. It involves creating healthy habits that work for us and that honor us as the complete and unique individuals we are. It means thriving as a whole person in our own body and in our own life. 

Deep health is multi-dimensional. It comes from a healthy relationship with our foods and eating intuitively. From sufficient movement we enjoy, combined with genuine rest. It comes from fresh air and clean water. It comes from real human connection and sincere emotional expression. And it comes from living with intention, gratitude, purpose, and joy.  

We offer fitness classes, healthy lifestyle coaching and personal training to help you break the chains of social pressure and find what Deep Health means for you. 

We believe that every class and every session with every client  is an opportunity to teach and improve lives. 

What is Healthy Lifestyle Coaching? 

Having a master of habit change and a student of life come alongside you in your journey. An advocate for your well-being and growth. It’s the difference between feeling alone and quitting vs feeling supported and achieving your goals. They are part cheerleader, part tough love. They will help you to see life through fresh eyes, articulate your dreams and challenge your fears. They will support you to have the body you want AND the healthy lifestyle to sustain it by building healthy habits that align with how you want to feel Every Day. It’s partnering with someone who stretches you to achieve your goals by helping you feed the opportunities and starve the problems. It’s an investment in yourself; body, mind, and soul. 

What is Personal Training? 

Whether you’re looking to simply get healthier or training for a specific fitness event, partnering with a personal trainer means having focused training and a personalized road map to the results you want. It’s hiring an expert on proper form and technique to help you maximize your workout and minimize time. Your trainer will provide not only a fresh perspective on fitness and nutrition but also accountability and non-judgemental support to guide you on your journey. Our goal is to work ourselves out of a job and build your knowledge, skill and confidence so you don’t need us; but you just might love us so much you keep us anyways! 😉

Single Sessions

$25 – 30 minute session $50 – 60 minute session 
**1 Free 60 minute Health Strategy Session/client 

Combo Packs

$100/month –
4 – 30 min Personal Training Session 
2 – 30 min Coaching sessions

$150/month –
4 – 30 min Personal Training Sessions  
4 – 30 min Coaching sessions

$300/month –
8 – 30 min Personal Training Sessions
4 – 30 min Coaching Sessions

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