Our Mission: To Inspire, Encourage, and Empower others to Love themselves, Their Bodies, and Their Lives.


Empower was founded in March of 2017 by Katelynn Prause and Hilary Morse. It started with a simple question. What if? What if we could effect positive life change through fitness within our community? What if we could help others shake off the chains regarding what ‘Healthy’ means created by society? What if we could Empower others to define health as it pertains to Their Body? Every single person is an incredibly unique and complex individual, so why treat our health as anything other than being as unique as you are? From that simple question arose our Mission; To create a platform that will allow us to be a catalyst for Health and Happiness, and to not only be a foundation for but also leave a legacy of both.

We offer a variety of fitness classes as well as nutrition and lifestyle coaching to Inspire, Encourage, and Empower others to Love Themselves, Their Bodies, and Their Lives. Our deepest hope is to allow others to break free from the one size fits all ideals of nutrition and fitness and get back to pursuing Health for the sake of Health.

What People Say

This is such a great place ! They offer so many classes , you can choose your time and style. The girls are all so motivational ,it helps you have a better day 👏👏👏

Gail Swope

I love my “Me Time” with my daughter here. I’ve met some wonderful people and always have fun drumming my way to a better, and more fit, me. I always feel uplifted after my class. Keeps me motivated and accountable for my own personal weight loss and fitness journey. So glad we have this place in our community.

Bridget Harland

Love the energy and how it has made my outlook on life more positive 😊

Ingunn Jóna Hraunfjörð

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