Stick. Stack. Stuck! Making Fitness a Habit for Life!

What does it take to start and actually stick to a fitness plan?

It may seem hard to believe for those that know me now but once upon a time … fitness was a struggle for me! Like paid for a gym membership for over 2.5 years without setting foot in the gym more than 3 times hard (2 of those were signing up and 1 was my free consult with a trainer which kicked my butt!! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️) So how is it that if we fast forward to now that I am able to maintain a fitness plan despite being busier than ever running my own business? Despite also working 30+ hours on the side as a server? Despite the last three year battle with chronic sinus infections, a surgery and the return of my childhood asthma (with a vengeance I might add!)? The answer is quite simple. Shall I divulge?

I’m assuming you’re still reading which indicates you’re interested. The secret to my continued focus on fitness comes in 4 parts.

Identify Fitness Goals

Develop A Bulletproof Why

Map Out A Game Plan

Create Accountability

Each of these things has been key to helping me stay the course with my fitness over the last 10 years (7.5 if we are being honest and don’t count the 2.5 years I had a gym membership I didn’t use 😂)

Identify Your Fitness Goal

While Fitness, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, means “the quality or state of being fit” for us as individuals, it’s not so black and white. Fitness means something different to everyone.

For the new mom it could mean having the mental and emotional energy to keep up with her new baby. For the person who has struggled with weight their whole life it may mean losing that weight and keeping it off. For the seasoned athlete it may mean pushing their bodies to peak physical performance. For me as a college student it meant having the energy to provide the active lifestyle required by my two huskies.

What does Fitness mean for you?

“Most people fail in life not because they aim to high and miss, but because they aim to low and hit, or they never aim at all” Les Brown. It is impossible to hit a target we can’t see. Defining our fitness goal puts our target in front of us so we can see it clearly and take aim for it.

Develop a Bulletproof Why

Our why is ultimately what moves us to action. If our why is strong enough, we will gladly pay any price to hit the goal. If our why is weak then so our resolve will also be weak and it will crumble at the first sign of opposition. We gotta dig deep here. Find that reason that tugs at our heart strings. The reason that drives us even when it gets tough (and believe me it WILL get tough!) To develop a strong why we need to ask ourselves the following question: what will achieving this fitness goal mean for us? For the people and animals around us? How will my life or theirs be changed in a positive way by achieving this goal?

For me back then in college I was at a crossroads. I found myself with two young huskies. I loved them dearly but I knew I wasn’t providing the life they needed or deserved. They spent most of their days in their kennel while I was either at school or work and when I came home they wanted to play but I was always to tired. I knew I had to make a choice, I had to either step up and become the dog mom they needed or find them a home that could. The idea of giving up my dogs broke my heart. They were and still are the most precious thing in my life. To this day the thought still brings tears to my eyes. Those dogs deserved the world from me because they are my world. They are my why. To provide the activity they need. To have the physical and emotional energy to be a great dog mom to them. I would move heaven and earth to show up for them. Always.

🐾💕 My FurBabies 💕🐾

So what is your why? My coach and mentor Tim Hendricks played a huge role in helping me get to the core of my why. Beyond my superficial reason of I just want to be healthy. Email us or comment below and we can set up a Free Wellness Profile to help you find yours! 💕💎

Me and my coach and mentor Tim And his wife Rita 💎

Map Out A Game Plan

In my experience with many things fitness included; either we run the day or the day runs us. When I was younger I naively believed some day I would find time for a fitness routine. The truth however is we will never find time. We must instead make time. Now that we have a Bulletproof why it will help us overcome the excuse mountain and carve out time that we mark as sacred. We must be honest with ourselves and schedule it where and when it makes sense but we must also be stern and strong with ourselves. This is where most people fall off. If we are going to avoid that than we must be willing to find our No Excuse, No Matter What Times. Have your coach help you break it down based on your goal and current schedule. How much time do you need to achieve your goal? How much time can you give? We must evaluate both sides to create a sustainable and successful plan.

My first goal was to increase activity for my dogs so Tim and I went to work and made my plan. According to the breed standard for Siberian Huskies they require a minimum of 1 hour of exercise DAILY! I was currently providing them ZERO exercise daily… yikes that’s a big gap to close!

However, we broke it down into steps to help me get from Zero to 60 (minutes that is 😂)! We mapped out a 3 month plan. Starting with setting aside 1 hour 3 days a week for the first month we gradually built up over those three months by adding 2 more days each month. My “homework” was to literally schedule the walks into my addenda around my work and school schedules. The act of setting aside and designating a specific time exponentially increases our likelihood of following through.

Create Accountability

We are the sum of the 5 people we are around the most. Seek out friends/family/health coach/community that is on a similar path as you, that energizes and inspires you. I can not tell you how many times I on my own would have skipped a workout had it not been for a friend waiting for me at the gym, or knowing my coach Tim would call me on it, or because my community (Fist the Answer in Adrian and now Empower!) motivated me to show up even when I was feeling down. Having that comradery not only helps pull us out of our slumps but also make fitness so much more enjoyable!

Fitness. Friendship. Fun

As we continue on our life’s journey our fitness needs will evolve with it. This process is one that is continual as our lives are continually changing. You will want to revisit these steps as your life shifts overtime but no matter where life takes you, following these simple steps will set you up for success in your fitness!

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