From Fast Food To Home Cooking: A Journey to Better Eating (Part 3)

Individual Body Needs

Another piece to our proverbial puzzle is knowing what our bodies need. In my earlier days I had no concept (and I mean zero) of what nutrition meant. I didn’t even grasp that my body needed anything from the foods I ate at all if I’m being brutally honest with myself. My thoughts on the topic were simple … food is food, right? Oh, bless my innocent soul!! Every wellness profile I have every done (from my very first one to the most recent one I did) has given me valuable insight into my body’s specific needs.

You see, our bodies are truly fascinating organisms that are vastly complex. We are made up of a hundred trillion cells! There are over 200 different kinds of cells and those cells make up 9 major organ systems. Each of those systems then works together to make living breathing human being! It’s absolutely incredible! (For more info on the human body check out this article from the Encyclopaedia Britannica).

Our bodies are so intricately connected that from the smallest cell to the largest organ no part can function without the rest. Even though we all share the same basic systems within our bodies, every human body’s needs are incredibly unique. Despite this in today’s culture we are taught the principle of conformity, molded and told to be the same, that different is not acceptable (evidenced by our societal acceptance of ‘ideal’ body shape, size, fitness and nutrition plans).  But y’all– different is Natural! There is not one body that is exactly the same or has exactly the same needs. Therefore, how can we expect to be able to treat our health as one size fits all? We simply can’t. Every-Body is unique and so are its needs. We can identify basic needs such as water, protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, etc., but the amounts needed by each individual are just that; individual. The wellness profile provides us a snapshot of our body’s needs so we can give our bodies the best chance possible to thrive by providing the nutrition we need.

Whether you function best with a detailed meal plan telling you exactly what to eat and when or if you prefer to just have a guideline to what your body needs you can use the information in whatever way makes sense for YOU and let it guide YOUR eating in a positive way.

My very first wellness profile was very basic but gave me a goal for calories and protein and got me started on my journey. As time has gone on both the scientific understanding of the needs of the human body has progressed, as well as my knowledge base. Thus, the wellness profile has provided continual insight into my body’s needs. Below is a recent profile I did for myself, Yep, I still do them periodically to guide me as my life, goals, and body changes. 😉

Goals: Lose 10lbs and rebuild immune health post sinus surgery

Current Stats

Age: 28 Weight: 145lbs Height: 5’7” BMI: 22  Adult Body Fat: 27.5%

Lean Mass: 103lbs  Fat Mass: 39lbs  Resting Metabolism (RMR): 1520cal 

Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE): 2325cal

Nutritional Goals

Net Calories: 1800cal  Protein: 135g  Carbs: 180g  Fats: 60g

Over the last few years I have had some health issues centered around my sinuses. I have experienced chronic sinus infections which caused severe asthma. With the frustration of chronic illness my mindset, fitness and eating habits have all been impacted which has lead to me adding about 10 extra pounds and my body fat percent to go up about 7%. Again, as we discussed in developing awareness, this is not something I view as good or bad. It is life, the above profile gives me insight into how to adjust my nutrition to help support my body meet my current goals as I recover from those health issues. It allows me to set up the following guidelines for my daily meals and aids in the Herbalife products I use. Below is an example of my current meal plan. Keep in mind I use this as a generalized guide not a strict step by step program but it can work either way based on how you best function. 

If you want to fine tune your nutrition with knowledge of your body’s specific needs you can get started with a free wellness profile. Email us at to schedule yours.

Join us next week for another piece to the puzzle. Making Healthy Swaps.

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