From Fast Food to Home Cooking: A Journey to Better Eating Habits (Part 1)

How did I make the transition from fast food to home cooked meals? This is a question I honestly had not really given much thought to until recently. A few months ago, Hilary and I were talking and this topic came up. Ever since it has intrigued me. Her question was simple, how did you get here? Having traveled the road to better eating habits you would think I should be able to eloquently put it into words. Yet, it’s complicated … the basic principles are simple, it’s true, but the actuality of walking through the process wasn’t an easy or straight path. 

It’s been years of one step forward and two steps back, meal prep mishaps, try, fail, try again … it’s been hard. But that’s the truth isn’t it? Life change is HARD! Hard to start, hard to stick with, just plain hard. Yet it is so worth it. So, here we are several months and numerous drafts later and I invite you to join me over the next few weeks as we see what we can discover from my journey. Keep in mind the following isn’t a step by step guide but rather each section is a piece of the puzzle that has lead to my life transformation.

A Piece to the Puzzle – Desire and Responsibility

Our journey starts here with a desire to change your life. You may find yourself thinking, “Duh! .. that’s obvious enough isn’t it?” However I would argue it isn’t. When I say desire to change I don’t mean a passing fancy. I’m not talking about a mild interest. Nor a reluctant begrudging desire because your spouse/family insists. In these instances when trial or temptation arises we will balk every time. These things are not strong enough to pull through the difficult days when your resolve starts to waiver and temptation to go back to old habits arise. 

I’ve been there though, actually was stuck there. For years. I day dreamed about being healthy and fit. I drooled over the idea of having a six pack (abs that is not beer 😜). Fantasized about being a fitness model and an athlete. I “wanted” to change my lifestyle… I envied the people I considered to be fit and healthy. Who ate clean and made cooking and healthy eating look easy. The people who had what I wanted. There was one problem though… I didn’t actually believe I could. I held the mentality of they are just lucky/superhuman. I believed that where I was was just my lot in life. Therefore I never really invested any emotional, mental or physical energy into the desire I had within myself.

If we do not believe we can, then we won’t put forth the effort required to truly change.  You need a real burning personal desire and that starts with actually believing you can achieve it. Only then will we be brave enough to look at ourselves in the mirror and accept full responsibility. “Nothing will change unless you change. But if you will change … Everything will change for you” Jim Rohn. You see nothing had changed in my life until I took responsibility onto myself to change. Until I realized that no one can change our life or our health for us. We have to take responsibility for ourselves.

I remember when I came to my mentor Tim with my list of excuses why I wasn’t making the changes we had discussed or following our nutrition plan. “It’s too complicated.. too expensive.. too time consuming.. Etc.” (I’m sure non of y’all relate 🤭🤫 I won’t tell, promise 😉😂) Initially he helped give me ideas to overcome my excuses but after our first few coaching sessions when I came to him with the same list…

Wouldn’t ya know, he just looked at me and asked this simple question: How bad do you want it? He didn’t argue any of my excuses. Instead he redirected my attention. Refocused me on why I wanted to make this change. Reminded me if it was going to be, it was up to me! I had to find it within myself to overcome my excuses.

The size of the obstacle matters little if the reasons are big enough. If we truly want something bad enough we will push through any excuse, we will gladly pay any price to reach our goal. I had to really dig deep to get over my obstacles to eating better. Move from ‘I want to be the one with the smokin hot bod!’ (what can I say, I was a teenager 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️) to ‘I want more energy to enjoy my life, and be the dog mom my husky’s deserved’. Finding why changing my lifestyle was important to me gave me power over my excuses and the will to keep myself accountable.

Here’s the trick though … I never stopped. It’s a continual process that I repeat over and over and over. I wish I could say that you will wake up one day and find that you have arrived and you have zero temptations. But, let’s be real with ourselves shall we? Of course, I still have days when I would much rather grab take out than cook (and sometimes I do 😱🤯!). Brownies and cheesecake? 🤤 Umm can you get in my belly please?! One year on my birthday I ate a whole pan of brownies in a single day! (My husband can vouch the truth of that). Six heaping plates of all the delish Holiday feast food? Yes Please! (No joke, I prided myself on being the bottomless pit of my family and frequently had competitions with my dad to see who could eat more! Lmao!) I still get tempted in these ways and so much more but I daily remind myself why my health is important to me. Remind myself how I feel when I do fall into these habits and that helps me to avoid the temptations.

My body is a temple and the only place I have to live. If I want to feel good. If I want to have energy to enjoy my days. If I want to have mental clarity to be present in each moment. If I want to show up better for my dogs and my husband. If I want to be a positive example for my friends, family, clients, and someday children… My old eating habits and lifestyle didn’t and doesn’t serve that desire for a better quality of life. Those choices did not bless my body. Once I got clear on why it mattered to me and realized I was the Only Thing standing in my way. The answer was simple. I can change me! But I have to truly want to change.

It’s not easy but it IS that simple … If I am my problem then I am also my solution and I have the power to do something about it. You can change and if you will embrace that truth; you will be amazed at how life will change for you. If your desire is strong… You Can Do Anything! (even eat healthy and cook!)

I hope y’all enjoyed this and find it inspiring and helpful. Please Like and Subscribe if you do and join me next week as we fit another into piece to the puzzle.

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