How to Navigate your Now while you Pursue your Goals (Part 1)

I don’t know about y’all but when I first began my pursuit of ‘health’ … achieving it seemed like the most complicated and illusive thing on the planet! You are bombarded with a million messages; eat this, not that … cardio is king … strength training is the way to go … count your calories … count your macros … try this and that supplement … eat high protein … eat high fat … CARBS ARE THE DEVIL!!!

PHEW! I was overwhelmed and I had barely begun! Anyone relate?

How on God’s green earth was I a broke and exhausted college student with a full time job and new dog mom to 2 young Siberian huskies going to get from my current reality (Frozen/Boxed Meals and Fast Food and zero exercise) to a healthy lifestyle?! I knew nothing about cooking/nutrition, or exercise and good lord my mindset was Absolute Garbage!

Thankfully I truly believe in that old bible adage ‘Seek and Ye Shall Find’ as well as the words of Jim Rohn “Life change happens for two reasons … inspiration or desperation” and believe you me, I was Desperate!

It was around this time that my friend introduced me to a small nutrition club called, The Answer (after which our studio Empower is molded). Initially I thought I had entered the realm of nonsense as the culture was so far from what I was used to and I did not believe at all in diet shakes nor did I need to loose weight. And yet, something about it drew me in. The community was so energetic, and encouraging … and there was no judgement regardless of my hesitations.

I soon had my first wellness profile and during it (although it has taken me years to fully grasp them) I learned 3 incredibly important lessons that have been vital in the transition from my old reality to those initial goals and through years beyond.

Create Accountability. Set Goals. Start (and Stay) Simple.

Join me next week and we will dive into these three lessons and how they can help you embrace where you are while you move towards what you want.

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