Rediscover You: Healthy. Happy. Empowered!

If I asked you to picture yourself .. Truly Healthy and Happy .. Could you?

I don’t mean healthy as defined by society, your friends, or family. I don’t mean healthy like a younger version of yourself.

I mean healthy as the unique person that you are in the life you have Right Now. Eating foods that nourish your body AND leave you satisfied. Exercising in a way that challenges your body AND enriches your soul because it is in line with your passions and goals.

Living with Confidence and Energy. Pursuing a Life that you truly Love!

Can you picture it?

What if I told you that You Can Have This Life? It is possible to be healthy while also enjoying the process and journey. Not only that but you can embrace the imperfection and gain strength from the struggle rather than feeling frustration and shame.

I can say this because I am 9 years into my own health journey. Hi, my name is Katelynn Prause. I am a health coach and fitness instructor of 7 years as well as co-owner of Empower: Real Life Wellness LLC. Believe me, I do mean it when I say I’m on a journey, because our health, heck, our entire life for that matter is exactly that. A Journey. Our lives are not static. So why should our approach to health be?

This blog is intended to help people on their own journey. Our mission here at Empower is to inspire and encourage others to love themselves, their bodies, and their lives. To break free from the idea that Health is a look, or a weight, or an ability to adhere to some specific diet/exercise plan.

Our goal is to share thoughts and inspiration from the journeys and experience of our team. We will share thoughts on things like navigating healthy eating in real life, how to maintain your motivation, how to overcome challenges to a healthy lifestyle, how to find happiness in your right now as you move towards your ideal, and much more.

We invite you to join us on this Crazy Beautiful Journey and hope that you are Empowered to find your version of Health and Happiness along the way.

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